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Vatican dress code

The Vatican Dress Code dictates that all visitors, regardless of gender or age, must dress modestly and respectfully. This includes wearing clothing such as long pants, long skirts, and blouses that cover the shoulders and upper arms for women, and long pants and shirts for men. Hats and head coverings are not allowed to be worn inside the Basilica for both men and women. Shorts and tank tops are also not allowed.

Visitors should note that there is a higher expectation of modesty for visitors to the Sistine Chapel, with longer skirts and shirts with sleeves being required. Furthermore, visitors should also keep in mind that if they are attending a Papal Audience, they should dress more formally than they would in the Basilica.

From inside the Vatican

The Vatican also asks that visitors refrain from wearing clothing featuring messages and images that are not reflective of the Church’s beliefs. Visitors should also be aware that any jewelry that is too loud or flashy is frowned upon.

The Vatican Dress Code is intended to create a sense of respect and reverence when visiting these holy sites, and all visitors should observe these guidelines.

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